My Cypriot Kitchen - Flaounas

6 serves
- time

This recipe is cooked in two different ways, a traditional Cypriot flaouna mix with plain flour dough and Toniaís own interpretation with cinnamon and fruit added to the mix and the dough made with a mix of wholemeal and village flour.


For Flaouna Mixture: (Double mixture)

1 kg flaouna cheese
2 pkt halloumi
1 pkt cheddar
1 pkt semolina (small)
1 bunches of fresh mint
2 pkts yeast
1-2 pkts raisins (small)or to taste (for Tonia’s mixture only)
½ cups of sugar
½ bottles of mehlepi
1 bottles of mastiki
3 tsp cinnamon (for Tonia’s mixture only)
12 eggs plus 1 egg to crack and smear over the top of the mixture


For the Dough

1 pkt plain flour
1 large trex
1 pots natural yoghurt
3 tsp baking powder
1/2 pkt sesame seeds
1 tsp mehlepi
1 tsp ground mastic
1 tsp ground nut oil
egg yolk (for basting)
1 tsp salt

For wholemeal dough

1 pkt organic wholemeal 1 pot natural yoghurt olive oil 4 tsp baking powder


For Flaouna Mixture

Grate flaouna cheese (usually grated the day before to allow to dry out)
Chop mint, grind mastic with a pestle and mortar and crack eggs into a bowl
Add semolina, sugar, eggs, mint and yeast to the mixture
Tonia then adds 3 teaspoons of cinnamon and raisins to her mixture.
Mix well with hands and flatten out in the bowl
Then crack one egg and smear over the top of mixture and allows to soak in.

Note on pastry: There are two versions, the traditional which is made in the programme and Tonia’s version with wholemeal flour which has been made beforehand.

Traditional dough

To unbleached white flour add a teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of mehlepi, ground mastic
Mix using the palms of your hands and add ground nut oil and water
Roll out pastry, add the flaouna mixture, fold into a square around the mixture and baste with egg yolk
Leave flaounas to stand for 10 mins before placing in the oven.
Cook in clay oven for about 35 minutes. Standard oven - 200 c for the first 15 mins and then lower to 180 c for 10 mins.
Very important DO NOT OPEN OVEN DOOR.


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